Carrier 25HBC5 Base Series 15 SEER Heat Pump Review

by admin on September 13, 2011

Low-cost, energy-saving, and effective usage—those are three must’s for a heat pump all present in Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 Heat Pump. This model has been reviewed to be one of the most economical and energy saving heat pumps available on the market. It is a cost-efficient way to provide comfort in your home twelve months a year. Containing up to 15.0 SEER and 8 HSPF for heating purposes, the Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 also boasts of a reverse function during cool weather.

To add more to its outstanding features, the Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 carries with it a Puron/R-410A refrigerant that works efficiently in comparison to the R22 refrigerant. It also possesses a compressor that is a single-stage scroll which functions without noise while set at minimum power—a noise reduction feature of 71 decibels does the trick. The heat pump model also has a hybrid system that uses a gas furnace that can be used as the main heater.

Is your home situated by the sea? The new Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 is completely safe from the harsh weather conditions and sea-spray brought about by the seaside weather as the model has a “weathershield” guard, making it corrosion free. Dust, pollen, and debris that could otherwise clog the unit need not be a problem since the unit is duly protected from anti-elements by “WeatherArmour” which is used to galvanize the unit. Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 also provides economical temperature sources from low temperatures of 30 degrees or lower. Dehumidification is also a breeze as the model possesses a Humidistat control specifically for this function.

Its increased efficiency substantially lowers your home cooling costs, this is the reason it is much preferred and used by home building contractors, as well as budget-conscious home owners.

The sizes of the Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 is available in two capacities–1.5 ton to 5.0 ton.

The price review of the Carrier base Model 25HBCs heat pump is given here under:

Model Price Capacity

Carrier Base 25HCB5

Heat Pump only


$2,450 3.0 ton  Btu 36,000
Carrier Base 25HCB5

Heat Pump only



$3,000 4.0 ton  Btu 48,000
Carrier Base 25HCB5

Heat Pump only

$3,250 5.0 ton  Btu 60,000
Carrier Base 25HCB5 complete system $3,750 2.5 ton  Btu 30,000
Carrier Base 25HCB5 complete system $4,550 3.5 ton  Btu 42,000

The best method to get a reasonable Carrier furnace price is ask for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here(Only Free For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

Adding a bonus in comparison to other brands, Carrier offers a comprehensive warranty for their products. This includes labor charge for a period of 1 year. Functional parts of Carrier comfort 25HCB5 model have a ten years warranty.

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