Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace Review (58MXB)

by admin on June 13, 2011

Are you still using stove to offer heating in the winter? Do you freak out when you saw the energy costs in heating? Forget about it. Now you can use a high efficient gas furnace to ger rid of this problem. Today let’s check Carrier best selling gas furnace: Comfort 92 58MXB

Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace (58MXB) Features:

When it comes to Carrier gas furnace, the first word pops up in my mind is the durability and Carrier Comfort 92 is not exceptional. With galvanized steel protection, baked on urethane base coat and polyester top coat, this unit’s life can be extended to more than 10 years. Just like its name, Carrier hope to offer you durable comfort through all the cold winter. Compared with Carrier Base series, Comfort series have a obvious increase in quiet level. With the super efficient heat exchanger, this unit can get up to 92%-95.5% AFUE and perfectly meets the demand of Energy STAR. The accessible Thermidistat Thermostat and On-Board diagnostics can guarantee you a peace of mind.

Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace (58MXB) Prices and Warranty:

The single Carrier Comfort 92 gas furnace system is about 1500-2200 dollars, other charge like shipping fee, optional equipment, installation fee are uncertain. You need to confirm the details with your local dealers. The best way to get a reasonable price is ask for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

The most important part of gas furnace is heat exchanger and luckily Carrier offer a lifetime Warranty for this part and 10-year limited warranty for other components.

Carrier Comfort 92 Gas Furnace (58MXB) Gas Furnace Installation:

Installation include the ductwork building and unit fixing. Find a qualified contractor according to where you live and your own other conditions is very important for ductwork building.

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