Carrier Weathermaker 8000 Manual and Parts List

by admin on September 10, 2011

Though Carrier is one of the best HVAC manufacturers in the market, and its products have a good reputation of delivering long-lasting durability, there may be some problems with its products after years of use, including the Carrier Weathermaker 8000. In this passage, we will introduce some replacements and repair solutions for you. Hope this article can help you to deal with them.

Carrier Weathermaker 8000 Parts List and Manual

277V Single Phase Motor             Price: $305.55/ each

460V Compressor                       Price: $6,200/ each

24V Actuator                              Price: $143.95/ each

Limit Switch                               Price: $53 / each

15-30A M/R Overload Relay         Price: $344.45/ each

Round Capacitor                         Price: $48/ each

Mercury Flame Sensor                 Price: $135.85/ each

3″ WC SPST Pressure Switch             Price: $25/ each

1 Heat/1 Cool Thermostat             Price: $95.25/ each

CCW Blower Wheel                     Price: $93.95/ each
Where to purchase and pick Carrier Weathermaker 8000 parts?
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Carrier Weathermaker 8000 Replacement

If you can’t bear your old weathermaker anymore, we will introduce some high quality models for you to replace it. We are sure that you can enjoy much more comfort and save the energy bills after installing new equipment.

The first equipment that comes into my mind is the Trane XL15i 16SEER Central Air Conditioner which utilizes the R410A refrigerant and offer high quality as well as dependability. Besides, the use of the advanced one-stage compressor can offer you up to 15SEER, which exceeds the guideline of the Federal Tax Credit, which can save you a lot of money and make you feel mind easy when you use it.

Another air conditioner is the Amana SSX16 Distinctions 16SEER Central Air Conditioner, this model offers up to 16SEER, which is one of the most efficiency models you can find in the market, and it can bring you ultra high comfort while cost you less money. This model also utilizes the R410A refrigerant, which can meet the high expectations of consumers, and can deliver high efficiency as well as high quality.

Carrier Weathermaker 8000 Troubleshooting and Repair

When you find out that your Carrier Weathermaker 8000 is not functioning properly, we have some good suggestions for you to deal with these problems before you seek for help from the contractors. The first thing you should do is to check the switches to see if it works well then you can check the circuit breakers to make sure it is good in condition, and if not, you can reset them. If these measures still can’t help, you can dial the phone number and contact the local dealers.

If you don’t have a good knowledge or overview of Carrier Weathermaker 8000 structure. You can Click Here (Only Free for US) to find a qualified local contractor to help you fix your Carrier Weathermaker.

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