Lennox EL195 SL280V Gas Furnace Review

by admin on October 23, 2011

The Lennox Company manufactures very good quality and efficient heat pumps that serve their consumer effectively all through the winter season. When your old heat pump breaks down or you are installing a new heating system you need to check all the products offered by Lennox as you will surely get the product that fits your budget and your heating needs.

One of the unique products offered by Lennox is the Lennox EL195 Gas Furnace. This model use the power saver torque motor whose efficiency exceeds other motors by over 33% and compared to standard motors it is over 200% more efficient.  This products efficiency is seen also in the fact that it has been certified by Energy star and as such it has qualified for the government tax credit making it more affordable for consumers. This furnace exceeds all the guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. federal department. This model motor operates at a constant torque ensuring a constant supply of warm air to the room. It also uses the power saver technologies that also boost the furnace energy while making it very energy efficient. This model operates just like a variable sped furnace but has a much higher SEER rating in matters of cooling. And finally its fun operates continuously ensuring minimal energy wastage.

The other Lennox furnace that comes highly recommended is the Lennox SL280V Gas Furnace. This model is very efficient and ahs a rating of 95% AFUE enabling you to cut your monthly bill greatly. This model has also been certified by Energy star because it meets all the EPA guidelines. It operates using the Power Saver motor which operates effectively and continuously to ensure a steady flow of air in to the room. The fact that it uses Power Saver technologies makes it able to boost its energy but also ensures it works more efficiently than any other models in the market. This model is similar to a variable furnace in operation and it also uses a Duralok Plus heat exchanger which is very durable because it has been made using the patented Armor Tuf steel. Finally it uses the Sure Light igniter and silicone nitride construction and ensures easy fault detection using the Sure Light control board direct-readout diagnostics

Lennox EL195 SL280V Prices

These models are quite affordable and their prices start from $3,500 or more and they come with a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger while the other parts have a five year warranty. The best way to get a reasonable and accurate furnace price is asking for local contractors’ bids and contrast. You can Click Here to free estimate for specific models.

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