Lennox SLP98V Furnace Price

by admin on October 27, 2011

Looking for Lennox SLP98V Price or Review? Now you come to the right page.

The Lennox gas furnaces are the best for heating of homes due to their reliability. Good examples are the Lennox Gas Furnaces SLP98V, SLP98 models which operate very silently and are also very efficient. These models ahs a special feature that make them the choice of many consumers, they use icomfort which is a programmable Touch thermostat which ensures they give the desired temperature easily. This thermostat is able to communicate with other icomfort-enabled components and adjust it self depending on the current need ensuring the consumer gets the comfort he deserves.  These models also employ the Precise Comfort™ technology which ensures that not only do you get the best services in matters of heating but also your monthly energy bills are very low.

Lennox SLP98V Review

These two models are part of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection and have very many unique features that make them very efficient and also ensure they make the least noise while operating. This makes them very suitable for a family environment. They operate under a variable capacity which ensures that they adjust automatically to provide the right comfort while utilizing the fuel very efficiently.

They use a variable speed motor that ensures a perfect balance between humidity and temperature by providing a consistent air flow. These models have a very high efficiency rating of 98.2% AFUE meaning that they cut your energy bills ensuring that you can make savings as high as $800 every year.  These models have also been certified by Energy star implying that they mere all the U.S. federal guidelines for energy efficiency. These models are known to be seven times quitter than other standard models because they use the Silent Comfort™ technology thus they offer reliable services comfortably.

Lennox SLP98V Price

These models are rather affordable and they are priced at approximately $2,000 or more and by use of Precise Comfort™ technology for better and precise fan adjustments ensuring temperatures increments that are as low as 1 %.  Unlike the other single-stage furnaces that always operate at full speed and make lots of noise this model operates at a low speed and produces almost no sounds.

The best way to get a reasonable and accurate Lennox furnace price is asking for local contractors’ bids and contrast. You can Click Here(FREE for US) to free estimate for specific models.

These models have a very good warranty. Their heat exchangers are covered by a 20-Year Limited Warranty while other parts have a 5-Year Limited Warranty. These warranty periods may be extended for up to ten years at an additional fee.

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