Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews

by admin on September 18, 2011

Maytag Gas furnaces are known for being the highest quality brand of air-conditioners in the market. All the products connected with heating and cooling produced by Maytag are a class above the others as they have received the Energy Star rating. This means that Maytag products are far beyond the functioning requirement of energy saving features that give you a great saving on your energy bills. Maytag commenced operation in 1893. They started off with farm implement manufacturing and later on manufactured washing machines mainly for residential purpose. Maytag product was initially known for their washing machine manufacturing till they ventured in to the heating and cooling industry. With many manufacturing plants and distribution centers they operate their business through a very wide dealer net work. The product line now includes HVAC, air-conditioning equipment, heat pumps and condensing units. With the Maytag products you get the peace of mind you always wanted and you convert your home in to a comfort zone for you and your family. While it is an economical unit and designed to work efficiently it is also quiet and a smart and dependable unit.

Maytag units are packed with many energy saving features such as 23 SEER efficiencies, R-410A refrigerant. All units are engineered to operate silently and they are known for being silent in their function. The materials that are utilized for the construction of the Maytag units are corrosion and rust free and the Maytag units have both horizontal and vertical airflow, come with a safe and reliable spark ignition system. The state of the art airflow system and the vortica blower that makes it efficient in operation and also makes it function silently is the secret to the success of the selling of this unit. With iq-Drive system the units function to the very best capacity and you won’t have a problem as it functions all year round.

Maytag only use environmentally friendly products so they do not damage the environment. With Puron refrigerant which is not harmful to the environment, this makes the product qualify for the tax rebate for high efficiency energy saving units.

Maytag Gas Furnace Prices

The price of the units will cost you around $7,500 and upwards with the installation done as well.  Be sure to get a proper person to install the unit or you may run in to problems later on. The size of the place you will want to install the unit is of utmost importance. It has to be an area that has to be considered. If there is any fault with the installation you will be paying for the energy bills as a result of this.

The best way to get a reasonable Maytag furnace price is checking local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here(Only Free For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.

Maytag Gas Furnace comes with a 10 year warranty.

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