Review of Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump

by admin on September 15, 2011

A company who has given the cooling and heating industry with pioneering product designs is Armstrong. Quality control of their product is strictly observed. One of their products that have been known to provide its owner the utmost comfort is the Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump. This is one environmental friendly product because of its refrigerant that is R410-A that is chlorine devoid minimizing the gas emission of the unit.

The SEER rating of this Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump indicate the ability of this pump to function effectively especially in areas with modest environmental condition. This is due to the fact that this model can perform more steadily than effectively. The price of this heat pump is very affordable despite its functionality. In addition, this heat pump can operate without the irritating sound because of its innovative exhaust top position. Having this in your house can ensure a quiet yet effective cooling or heating.

Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump can also produce high quality air steadily because of its Microban® feature that can resist fungal as well as bacterial growth. The unit is also easy to maintain because of its side panels that are rust resistant coated with powder gray paint that are louvered guaranteeing a fresh look for always. Troubleshooting is also easy to manage with the unit’s onboard diagnostic features that can send details of electrical and mechanical upholding.

Prices of Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump

The heating and cooling industry is already offering various models of Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump in a variety of cost based on their tonnage. The 1.5 ton units are priced at $1550, the 2 tons are $1650, and the 2.5 tons are $2,280. There are also 3 ton units for $2,850, 3.5 tons for $3,350, 4 tons for $3450 and 5 tons for $3950.

The prices listed above maybe not match your area. The best method to get a reasonable heat pump price is ask for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here(Only Free For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.


The different models of Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump include the following:

Model: 4HP13L18P-7 with 1.5 tonnage, 18000 capacity, HxWxD:   24.25×24.25×32.5 dimension and 153 pounds freight weight.

Model: 4HP13L24P-7 with 2 tonnage, 24000 capacity, HxWxD:      24.25×24.25×32.5 dimension and 158 pounds freight weight.

Model: 4HP13L30P-7 with 2.5 tonnage, 30000 capacity, HxWxD: 28.25×28.25×28.5  dimension and 169 pounds freight weight.

Model: 4HP13L36P-7 with 3 tonnage, 36000 capacity, HxWxD: 28.25×28.25×36.5 dimension and 187 pounds freight weight.

Model: 4HP13L42P-7 with 4 tonnage, 42000 capacity, HxWxD:      28.25×28.25×42.5 dimension and 224 pounds freight weight.

Model: 4HP13L48P-7 with 5 tonnage, 48000 capacity, HxWxD:      28.25×28.25×32.5 dimension and 236 pounds freight weight.

Model: 4HP13L60P-7 with 5 tonnage, 60000 capacity, HxWxD:      28.25×28.25×36.5 dimension and 252 pounds freight weight

The coverage for this Armstrong Base Model 13 SEER Heat Pump is very excellent at 10 years warranty for the compressor as well as the other mechanical parts. However one must register no more than 60 days upon purchase to avail of the coverage.

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