Trane XB80 Gas Furnace Review

by admin on June 17, 2011

Trane XB80 gas furnace reviewAre you searching for a basic single stage gas furnace for home using? Now you’ve come to the right landing page. Like Carrier’s Base series, Trane XB series furnace is designed for common heating in winter with an affordable price. Read the detailed Trane XB80 gas furnace review below.

Heat exchanger is the heart of gas furnace. Trane use one-piece high-efficient heat exchanger to guarantee the basic efficiency in heating. With multi-port in-shot burners, the fuel can be burned adequately. Adaptive silicon carbide hot surface Igniter is leading in all gas furnaces. Another important thing to note when you picking a gas furnace is the warranty, Trane offer 20 year limited warranty on the main heat exchanger and 5 year limited warranty on internal parts. But you need to register promptly in 60 during after your purchase. There are two way to register: online or by calling 800-554-6413.

Trane XB80 gas furnace Prices

The installed price ranges 2000-2500 dollars. There are many factors can affect the final price. You can click here to get a free estimate the gas furnace prices according to where you live.

Trane XB80 gas furnace Cons:

Compared with other gas furnaces, 80% AFUE is relatively low. There’s about 20% energy waste in the heating operation. Beside, the single speed motor fan could cause the additional noise when operating.

Models and Parameters:
(BTUH) means Nominal Capacity Output
TUE1A040A9241A HxWxD(in.):40×14.5×28 BTUH 31,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1A060A9241A HxWxD(in.):40×14.5×28 BTUH 47,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1A060A9361A HxWxD(in.):40×14.5×28 BTUH 47,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1B060A9361A HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28 BTUH 47,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1B080A9361A HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28 BTUH 63,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1B080A9481A HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28 BTUH 64,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1B100A9361A HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28 BTUH 79,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1C100A9481A HxWxD(in.):40×21.0×28 BTUH 79,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1C100A9601A HxWxD(in.):40×21.0×28 BTUH 80,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1D120A9601A HxWxD(in.):40×24.5×28 BTUH 95,000 AFUE: 80.0
TUE1D140A9601A HxWxD(in.):40×24.5×28 BTUH 111,000 AFUE: 80.0

Trane XB80 Gas Furnace Installation

Installation includes the ductwork building and unit fixing. Find a qualified contractor according to where you live and your own other conditions is very important for ductwork building.

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