Trane xl14i Gas Furnace Repair Manual

by admin on September 10, 2011

When it comes to old gas furnace models, there may be many operation problems just like the Trane xl14i. We provide you some useful tips to fix it and solve those annoying problems here. Since it has been out of date, you may choose to replace it, so we also share some high quality products that can meet your demands.

Trane xl14i Gas Furnace Parts List and Manual

Gas Furnace Ignitor                     Pricing: $28.60 / each

Round Start Capacitor          Pricing: $28.30 / each

Crank Case Heater               Pricing: $52.60/ each

208-230V Motor               Pricing: $123.70/ each

Flame Sensor                            Pricing: $25.20/ each

Bearing Kit                          Pricing: $155.40/ each

SPNO Pressure Switch        Pricing: $30.50/ each

2 Stage Natural Gas Valve      Pricing: $270.70/ each

Time Delay Relay             Pricing: $35.70/ each

Where to purchase and pick Trane xl14i furnace parts?
You could click here(Only Free for US) to free estimate local furnace parts dealer’s location and specific furnace parts model cost.

Trane xl14i Gas Furnace Replacement

As time goes by, there are more new and high technologies which can make the gas furnace offer much more efficiency and long-lasting durability, and compared with the Trane xl14i model, they will offer you superior comfort. In this passage, I will introduce some excellent models that also produced by Trane as the replacement of your xl14i gas furnace.

The first model that I want to recommend is the Trane XB90 Gas Furnaces which offer up to 90%AFUE, and is certificated by Energy Star, indicating that it has a great ability to save your energy and cut the utility expenses. In fact, this amazing model utilizes high quality materials and components to make it offer long service time. Besides, designed in compact size, this model can be the wonderful replacement for your old model, and you can install it anywhere you want.

Another model that comes in to my mind is the XV80i, which is a high-cost performance model. This xv80i delivers 80%AFUE but sells for low price, so you can spend less but enjoy more. If you want to save your budget as well as enjoy a great comfort, this model can be the idea choice.

Trane xl14i Gas Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair

If you do not want to replace it, these suggestions below may save your money and help you to deal with these annoying problems.

If the xl14i gas furnace has some trouble with the heating, the valves should be checked to ensure the valves condition and make sure if it has work correctly. If you can not solve the problem, please contact your local dealer for some help.
If you don’t have a good knowledge or overview of furnace structure. You can Click Here (Only Free for US) to find a qualified local contractor to help you fix your furnace.

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