Trane XL80 Two Stage Gas Furnaces Review

by admin on June 20, 2011

Are you searching for a two stage efficient gas furnaces to keep providing stable warm air through the whole winter? Now you’ve come to the right place. Trane has released 6 models two stage recently, and today let’s have a quick look at Trane XL80 two stage gas furnace.

Trane XL80 Pros

Two-stage heating applied to prevent temperature swings and fluctuating.

Durable construction and internal parts can guarantee you long lasting good performance.

Advanced air filtration system can give a full dust, pollen and other irritants removals.

Powerful one-piece heat exchanger is almost impossible to be damaged

40″ high 28″ depth compact cabinet can be placed on any area.

Affordable price with long term warranty

Trane XL80 Cons

Compared with other Trane model gas furnaces, the 80% AFUE is relatively low in efficiency performance. And the motor fan can not auto control and adjust the speed according to the fuel burning and heating supply.


Trane XL80 Gas Furnace Price:

The estimate XL 80 price is about 1300-2300 according your specific location.

The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.



Trane XL80 Gas Furnaces Model Parameters:

TUD2A040A9242A  HxWxD(in.):40×14.5×28   Output (BTUH) :20,800 / 32,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2A060A9362A  HxWxD(in.):40×14.5×28   Output (BTUH) :31,200 / 47,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2B060A9362A  HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28   Output (BTUH) :31,200 / 47,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2B080A9362A  HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28   Output (BTUH) :41,600 / 63,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2B080A9482A  HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28   Output (BTUH) :41,600 / 63,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2B100A9362A  HxWxD(in.):40×17.5×28   Output (BTUH) :52,000 / 79,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2C100A9482A  HxWxD(in.):40×21.0×28   Output (BTUH) :52,000 / 79,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2C100A9602A  HxWxD(in.):40×21.0×28   Output (BTUH) :52,000 / 80,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2D100A9602A  HxWxD(in.):40×24.5×28   Output (BTUH) :52,000 / 80,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2C120A9542A  HxWxD(in.):40×21.0×28   Output (BTUH) :62,400 / 95,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2D120A9602A  HxWxD(in.):40×24.5×28   Output (BTUH) :62,400 / 95,000 AFUE: 80

TUD2D140A9602A  HxWxD(in.):40×24.5×28   Output (BTUH) :72,800 / 112,000 AFUE: 80


Trane XL80 Gas Furnace Warranty:

You can enjoy a as long as 20 year warranty on heat exchanger and 5 Year limited warranty on other functional components. But you need to register promptly after the installation through the Trane official website or calling the Trane service phone number.

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